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Cheap PVC Check Valves

Tinkering with, and refining, the King of Random’s design.

check valve complete

Kid-sized Balloon Pump

A manual piston-driven pump, small enough for kids to use.

A Wooden Mallet

The essential smacking-stick for woodworking and general tinkering.

Building NASA-JPL’s Pulse Necklace

NASA-JPL’s hand-detecting face-touch-discouragement unit.


A free math practice app for early grade school.

The Strawberry Tower

A hydroponic vertical growing tower for smaller plants.

Solar Generator

Building a small outdoor-friendly solar generator to power garden pumps (and provide emergency battery charging).

12v Timer

With the rise in solar power, you’d think that small 12v components (like timers) would be ubiquitous. TL;DR: they’re not. So I made one of my own.

Garden Legos

Gardening is awesome, and I’ve modified an excellent design for interconnecting concrete blocks to make long-lasting garden borders and raised beds.

raised bed garden made from concrete garden legos


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