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Failure is not an option, it's the baseline
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What is this mess?

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1. to busy oneself with a thing without useful results

2. to work unskillfully or clumsily at anything


Welcome to my cluttered kingdom!

I am the Tinkering Idiot, and this is my playground. I have ideas for projects, usually that no one asked for and that nobody needs. Many of them are poorly advised, and some are downright dangerous. This place, my den of destruction, my lazy lair, is where I bring those ideas to ugly, poorly-implemented reality.

Who are you?

Just…some guy, really. By day, I’m a married father of two working as a cybersecurity engineer on Florida’s Space Coast. By night, I’m Batman (if Batman spent his nights in the garage making things out of scrap wood and PVC). I’m not a secret tradesman. I don’t have any special training. I didn’t even take shop in high school. What I do have is a nearby hardware store, a garage full of tools that I don’t know how to use very well, and a desire to try new things and make stuff that probably doesn’t need to exist.

Can I use your designs?

Sure! I’d love to see it when it’s done! Also, if you’re using my work to make a product or a video or something, I’d appreciate a mention. Just be careful – if you hurt yourself doing something you saw here, that’s on you.

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